September 12, 2003

I received an envelope yesterday from Mother containing postcards and a letter sent to my grandfather Joseph Schulmeister between 1888 and 1910. He must not have been a very good correspondent, because every one pleads with him to write back! They are written in in an old-fashioned German handwriting. I am slowly translating them, and will post contents as they are completed.

The handwriting example came from's Alte deutsche Handschriften/Old German Handwritten Scripts.

September 10, 2003

In 1967, our family went to visit my mom's family in Jamaica for the summer. We spent about a week visiting Uncle Rowley and Aunt Cicely at Temple Hall. Aunt Cicely had two Pekingese who weren't particularly enamoured of children; and there was also Blitz, a large Doberman Pinscher. Blitz made it his personal responsibility to watch out for my sister Mary, who is blind. He stayed by her side all day, and even took her for walks. She would put her hand on his back, and he would carefully walk her down the driveway to the gate, and bring her back again. We have had dogs for many years, but not one ever took such an initiative!