June 25, 2003

Well, the June Outpost is a little later than I wanted, but I hope to have it up by Friday night. I've been working on putting some of those old photos into a web page, and managed to wipe out the page already created with more contemporary photos! Soon as I rewrite that one, I can post the changes.

June 06, 2003

While cleaning out the coat closet last weekend, I moved out all the boxes and bags of old photos we have accumulated over the years. I came across a treasure trove of photos, postcards, and letters from my grandfather's family in Zwettl, Austria! The city itself has no website, but there is a well-known monastery there, the Stift Zwettl. They were all dated around 1907-1917. Some of the photos are labeled, but too many are not. Look for some of them on the June Owens' Outpost, which will be published around the 15th of that month.