June 10, 2004

I recently came across an interesting incident arising out of the devastating 1907 earthquake in Kingston, Jamaica on the Jamaican Family Search web site (http://jamaicanfamilysearch.com/). A pair of letters exchanged between the Governor of Jamaica and Admiral C. H. Davis, USN was reported in the Daily Telegraph (http://jamaicanfamilysearch.com/Samples/earthqu4.htm).

As I read the letters over the phone to mother, she remembered that her father and mother were "seeing" each other at that time. Her father, A. Noel Crosswell, was living in Kingston, and her mother, Una Soutar, was living in Half Way Tree. Because there was no power and the telephone lines were down, Noel walked all the way from Kingston to Half Way Tree to see for himself that she was ok. As she recalls, it was about 15 minutes by car, but would have taken 3-4 hours to walk there. Such is love!

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