December 09, 2009

December 7, 2009, 68th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Bombing

My cousin"Pickles" Picadura shared this story yesterday by e-mail in a comment on a snow video I had just uploaded to YouTube:

Just think U & Marty did dis on...Pearl Harbor Memorial Day.... I remember da day real well. My dad took 8 mm movies and da US Army came to our house & took da movie film from my dad, plus da telescope he used to film da event. We neva got back anything they took. It seems telescopes was contraband items during da Marshall Law days. At least we got to see da movie he took before da army came to get it. They found out we had it from da film company who developed it. I remember seeing da Japanese pilot when they flew over our house in Kaimuki, he was so low, that my dad thought he was going to crash into da house & told everyone to get out of da house & Rosemarie cried. He flew over many times in a circle like he was looking for something. Kaimuki in those days was only residences & only Kaimuki Town was 3 blocks long on Waialae Ave. Today Kaimuki Town runs from 5th Ave to 13th Ave. on Waialae & Harding Aves. A big change ... unbelieveable buildup from 1950 to present. Catch U later.

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